10 Popular Tools for Broadcasting Live Video Online

Have you ever thought of broadcasting yourself in the social media in such a way that audience can browse about your video and get it? If you haven’t, it is straightforward. You can have your video broadcast live. Here are the favorite tools which you can use to broadcast your live video online.

Facebook Live

Facebook has an extensive online reach. If you have a page or a profile, you can get to a live audience on their devices. Whenever they log into their pages or profile, they can get your video as a new Feed with a ‘live’ Tag. From there they can wrath the video whose session lasts for about four hours.

IBM Cloud Video


This is a platform which is cloud-based. It delivers live video on request. It is made available for audiences for streaming events. Whenever an event is ongoing, the viewer can stream live so that they feel part of the event. If you choose this option, you will get a 30-day free offer for you to keep trying the services but you will have you.

Live stream


This is one of the most useful tools for business people. It provides options to choose from concerning packages. The packages are paid for. However, you can get a free account which has a minimal feature which you can use to practice streaming your videos live.



Are you a Twitter user? You can use this tool to broadcast your live video online. When you upload a live video, it gets saved as a tweet, and so all your follower can get it and retweet it meaning it can go to as many audiences as you think.

Instagram Live Video


This tool is only relevant for people who have established their Instagram accounts. You can upload a live video on your Instagram account which will only be seen by your followers. If you opt for this too, you got to start by increasing the number of your followers.

YouTube Live


Who has never heard of this tool? None. At one given point in your life, I am pretty sure that you have ever watched a video on the YouTube. Now, to upload your live video, you need to have your account. YouTube has a feature for broadcasting live videos, ‘Live events’. After you have uploaded your video, it can be accessed by clicking the ‘Live event’ button.



Are you a gamer? This is what you need. it provides a platform where video gamer can live broadcast their games. They can also watch what other gamers are playing as they learn together. All the contents of this platform are game oriented.

IRIS by Bambuser


This tool works as an App. The users will first have to install this App on their smartphones. Using the App, they can view the live videos uploaded by other people. They are also able to upload their own videos. It is actually the easiest tool to use.

You Now


This is for a casual video broadcasting. It is just an App which can be used by any smartphone user. The user is expected to be above 13 years of age. It checks on the content. However, for broadcast videos, it may not be possible to predict the material, and so you can see more than you expect.

Tiny chat


You want a chatting platform to do your online broadcast? This is the tool for you. It is an online video chat platform for casual chatting. Out of the chats, you can see an opportunity to upload a video based on what you were talking about.